Marsden History Group publications

Laithe and looms, cows and combstocksLaithes and Looms, Cows and Combstocks

This book describes what it was like to live - and to die - in the small South Pennine community of Marsden in the two centuries between 1655 and 1855. It is based on research carried out by Marsden History Group on the probate documents of Marsden Manorial Court. 



Marsden, A Journey Through Time

From flint arrowheads to fine woollens and beyond

The aim of this book is to trace Marsden’s history, from the available evidence, and to identify how and why changes took place. We have concentrated on tracing the social and industrial history of three areas; the village centre, the New Mills site and the Wessenden/Carrs Road area.


Marsden - Then and nowMarsden - Then and Now, a photographic journey

is a book of photographs of Marsden, showing how the village has changed between the late nineteenth and early twenty-first centuries.